The Archer family has been ripped apart by the same issues threatening America today: irreconcilably different views on God, guns, family values ... the essence of what it means to be an American. Forced to confront their differences and demons, will family be enough?

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Not just for men - a woman's point of view.

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In the new civil war of blue state vs. red state, the Archer family is caught in the middle!

Paul Archer is determined to stay focused and avoid the mistakes of his trailer park family. But when his girlfriend demands commitment his only escape is an off-road camping trip with his Bible-thumping brother and gun-totin' father.

Driving his luxury SUV over a trail without pavement, bridges, bathrooms, or (God help him) cell service is not Paul's ideal vacation. But while the tranquil Colorado wilderness turns out to be the perfect place for an Archer family reunion, why all the big guns? And the obsession with that horrible tragedy from thirty years ago? If this is a hunting trip, it sure ain't rabbit season!

What is Off Road really about?

In 2004 George W. Bush had just been reelected President by a respectable majority. This left half the country wandering about shell shocked that such a travesty could happen and the other half not necessarily ecstatic, but thinking the country had avoided a disaster. How could a country so successful be so divided?

For the liberal left I think the bitter disbelief is perhaps best summed up in this vitriolic post by a Keith Olbermann wannabe:

So let us secede, Blue America and Red America. We can handle the Blue state Republicans, so long as we don't have a lot of ignorant Red state lemmings frustrating our efforts and screwing themselves in the bargain. Secession will enable us both to live as we have chosen without the other's interference. We will prosper, and you will get a clue.

But do stay in touch after the borders slam shut. When you finally tire of living on the modern, corporate plantations of Cargill, Tyson, ConAgra and Smithfield; when you tire of shopping at Wal-Mart and sending your daughters to sling hash at Denny's in hopes that they'll meet the nicer sort of truck driver; when you tire of sneaking into Blue America as illegal white-trash wetbacks eager for casual work dusting our parlors; and when, like men, you finally rise up in rebellion against this immoral usury -- then, and only then, let us talk.

But the anger of the "Progressive" movement at traditional (conservative) America is more than just political. How often have you heard, or for that matter said, phrases like  ...

  • Crazy born-agains are as bad as Al Qaeda.

  • Religion is the cause of all the problems of the world.

  • It's all these crazy religious zealots who keep us from make the country/world better.

  • All intolerance stems from religious beliefs!

But through it this hyperbole some Americans had (and hopefully still have) their priorities in order. One night I saw an interview with two brothers one worked for Bush and the other for Kerry   who were outspoken and on opposite sides on the political battlefield. But at  family reunions they played games together and kept a civil discussion about family, food, and their children. Which is as it should be, but I couldn't stop thinking about that family dynamic; how would the author of the above post treat a family member who supported George W. Bush? How would a person who considered the progressive movement to be the enemy of America treat a Kerry supporter he was related to?

Thus were born the Archer's a family torn apart by their life choices, fate, and a horrendous crime. A family that is at a crossroads from which there is no turning back.

Off Road is written for both "progressive" and "conservative" Americans. Liberal progressives will come to understand their more conservative brethren, and conservatives will find an understanding of how the far left thinks.

Either that, or I've just thrown more fuel on the fire.

 If you've read this far, you know that the themes of this book are God, guns, big trucks (off-roading), and family. So I've dedicated a page with some thoughts on each subject and an excerpt from the novel itself. Or avoid wasting time reading excerpts and just buy the novel at Amazon or Barnes and Noble to read for yourself.

And by all means, let me know what you think.


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