The Archer family has been ripped apart by the same issues threatening America today: irreconcilably different views on God, guns, family values ... the essence of what it means to be an American. Forced to confront their differences and demons, will family be enough?

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Off Road with the Family

Family Values ... what does that mean? In the main stream media it's a volatile phrase usually heard in debates about whether gay marriages should be recognized. That's not a subject I care about, because if a majority of the people want to grant a marriage license to gay couples our culture will survive. Legalizing gay marriage won't make heterosexual people gay any more than owning a gun makes law abiding people murderers.

But instead of being controversial, "family values" should be a term that speaks to every human being on the planet, since we are all in a family of some kind. It's tied in with all aspects of our lives from birth to death, and incorporates the sacrifices we make for those we love and how well we accept and repay the sacrifices made for us. And how well our culture supports the family unit.

A culture is built on families, as it is families that have the greatest stake in the future and families that understand the concept of the "common good." It's standing up for our families that gives us the strength to fight for what is right and understand what is important. I know having children changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined when single and "unencumbered," which seems to be a universal experience.

I wish I had a better excerpt to put below, but concepts of family are so central to Off Road that it's hard to break out meaningful paragraphs from any one place without including spoilers. And family has so many, many different aspects. But perhaps the two sentences below sum up the basics of what family means.

Chapter Seventeen (excerpt):

It struck me this was another aspect of family. Family comes when you need them, even at two o’clock in the morning. Family won’t let you suffer alone in a hospital bed. Even an estranged wife cries for you.


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