The Archer family has been ripped apart by the same issues threatening America today: irreconcilably different views on God, guns, family values ... the essence of what it means to be an American. Forced to confront their differences and demons, will family be enough?

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Not just for men - a woman's point of view.

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God Off Road:

Does being a Christian mean having faith? Or knowledge? Because the term "faith" assumes the believer has no rational evidence to follow the religion s/he follows, nothing more than hope s/he is correct. And that seems like a pretty weak reason to waste every Sunday morning and a decent percentage of your income on Church.

Now "Hope" may be a great political campaign motto, and "faith/belief" may be how religion is described ... but for me ... I'd love to believe in Santa Claus. Except my life has made it clear there is no Santa Claus. But just as clearly my life and experiences have proven there IS a God. And the existence of God is obvious and undeniable unless you actively resist and just plain refuse to recognize Him. I could list some of the times God has affected my life directly, but those who already believe would just nod and those who don't would roll their eyes and write my experiences off as spooky coincidences that could happen to anyone.

However ... regardless of my own beliefs this novel makes no pretense of preaching the Gospel, but rather approaches religion as a cultural tradition and a point of discord between people who follow a "faith" and those that don't. My goal is to help atheists understand why sane, intelligent, rational people can (and often do) become practicing believers.  And help Christians understand why sane, intelligent, rational people can deny that there is anything greater in the world than mankind.

I certainly hope readers will look further into the subject if they are so inspired, but there are many fine books for that.

Chapter Thirteen (excerpt):

There was an air of finality to his words. But it bugged me to let it end like that. ďIím an educated guy, Gary,Ē I hoped my tone of voice would shut off a retort, ďand I graduated with honors on a scholarship. And the whole concept of some supernatural ghost-creator-in-the-sky goes against every bit of science we have. Iím sorry, but weíve grown beyond it. Thatís medieval superstition.Ē

 Gary laughed out loud. ďYou canít grow beyond the truth, Paul, whether itís convenient or not. But just think about this. What if Iím wrong? What if there is no God? Iíll use a wise old book to be a good man, Iíll love my family, and when Iím dying Iíll look forward to what comes next. When a non believerís dying heís got nothing to hope for. But the biggest difference is Ö if Iím wrong, Iíll never know it. If a non-believer is wrong, heíll know it forever.Ē



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