Anti-Gun groups thrive on a culture of fear and paranoia

Anti-gun groups portray a truly scary world, where every handgun is aimed at you, every “law-abiding gun owner” is just one trigger-pull from becoming a murderer, and access to a firearm will lead a normal person to commit murder over road rage or a good parking spot.

The message here is that there is no such thing as the NRA’s “law-abiding gun owner.” There is no such thing as a person who buys a gun and is guaranteed not to use it for violence. Guns are designed to kill, and that’s what they do, no matter who’s holding them. … every single “law-abiding gun owner” out there is just one trigger-pull away from becoming one of those criminals …

The web of fear the Brady Campaign and others weave is all encompassing and embraces the concept of the “big lie” — constantly repeating skewed and fabricated statistics to gain respectability regardless of the facts. Such as creating from whole cloth the belief that enabling homeowners to defend themselves will cause law-abiding citizens to shoot the avon lady. And that regardless of the numerous times daily Americans use guns for self defense a gun in your home is 22 times more likely to be used against a family member (especially if you consider “used against” to include suicide) than an intruder.

And of course if one brings up concerns of protection from the gangs and random criminals our country struggles with they are told to “not go to those places,” “rely upon 911,” “give a predator whatever he wants” (whether money or dignity), etc. To not fight back/not resist. To let fear control where we go and when we go there. To live as sheep trying to avoid the predators in our midst, hoping they will not hurt us too badly or at least only hurt others, and give up our weapons though the predators will not.

This manufactured culture of fear of civilians empowered for their own defense, both personal and political, is necessary because it’s the only way to frighten Americans into giving up a cherished cultural tradition and an original right guaranteed by our Constitution. But all of the claims above can be dispelled with minimal research and careful scrutiny of Brady Campaign/anti-gun group claims, because no matter how they try to spin world events it is a simple and hard fact that people don’t kill because they have a gun; they kill because they have murder in their heart. And even the phenomena of mass-murder is undeterred or even reduced by anti-gun laws .

But at the root of this question is what kind of country we want to live in.

Do we want a nation where law abiding citizens double lock their doors every night, knowing that if they hear the door kicked in at 3:00 a.m. they have no recourse but 911 and hope that the police arrive before too many bad things happen? Where we can only hope we avoid the kind of semi-organized violence by paramilitary groups that have affected so many other “normal” countries (where our family may be in the targeted group)? Where a person witnessing a crime must cower in the shadows and call 911 but is afraid to take overt action — or, as crime spirals out of control (as has already happened in some neighborhoods), is afraid to even call 911?

I imagine a different America. My America is a land of rugged individualists who aren’t afraid to fight for their dignity or the property they have worked so hard for. Who go any damn place they please at any time of the day or night and God help the person who tries to stop or intimidate them. Where predators live in as much fear as their would-be victims. A land of 61 year old men who call the police if they see someone break into your house, but if the robbers are about to get away will take matters into their own hands and stop them at the point of a shotgun (who would you rather have as a neighbor? Paul Helmke or Joe Horn?). Of people who aren’t afraid of guns. Or afraid to carry or even use them if there is no other option.

My America of citizens empowered and willing to take charge of their own personal and political defense may or may not be quite as safe statistically in the short term as the nation of disarmed subjects the anti-gun groups would prefer, but history makes it clear that governments and cultures change and an empowered citizenry, the final check and balance to any government, is necessary for long term safety and the posterity of future generations. And as a Father I want to make sure my children are as empowered as the generations that lived before them.

Do draconian gun laws gain us a 1 or 2 % decrease in the murder rate (and a 100% decrease in the empowerment rate of law abiding citizens) but put the very future of our children and nation at stake? That is a dramatic statement and smacks of hyperbole, but a rational review of crime and the world in general proves it to be all too true.

Because bad things happen. And anyone who thinks they can’t happen in this country or to any given individual is living in a state of denial.

And how could I not end this post with my favorite quote from Benjamin Franklin, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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