Loosening gun laws and issuing more licenses to carry … in Turkey?

Interesting. Looks like gun lobbies aren’t unique to America after all, and neither is logic:

But Cuma İçten, the chairman of the Weapon Producers, Sellers and Lovers Association (SÜSASD), claims that a weapon is a basic human right, saying: “It is expensive for the state to protect every citizen. But self-defense is a right for everyone. It is easy for illegal organizations have weapons, so upstanding citizens should be given the same right.”

It’s short and worth a read. Clearly, Turkey has a long ways to go to catch up to us on common sense gun laws — like freedom to own and carry firearms for law abiding citizens.

2 comments to Loosening gun laws and issuing more licenses to carry … in Turkey?

  • Did you see the fees that they quoted though?

    a license to carry a gun the fee is TL 2,171, and for a license to possess a different kind of weapon it is about TL 694. “These are very symbolic amounts, showing us it is so cheap to create social disruption,”

    A turkish Lira is about 64 cents. That’s about $1,400 to get a carry license

    I wonder if that is a misprint somehow.

  • Interesting. I think it was Pahul Halmkay of the Babrady-ushky campaign who thought that was a symbolic amount for creating “social disruption.” ;-)

    I know in most of Europe they use commas and periods the opposite of how we do, so the 2,171 could be 2.171. But of course that doesn’t make sense either.

    So I’m guessing whoever wrote this up didn’t think that was a lot of money for the value of carrying a gun. If that’s true it shows how much value people give a right that we take for granted.