Pelosi’s reaction to wikileaks vs. reaction to climategate

I was looking for internet references to this and failed … but do you remember House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to “climate gate,” when emails from the  University of East Anglia‘s (UEA) Climatic Research Unit (CRU) were stolen and revealed that at least some evidence (how much or how important the “tricks” were isn’t important to this post) had been faked? Rather than demanding an investigation into whether or not the US was being duped into pushing for cap and trade and other potentially economy busting measures by a fraud, Ms. Pelosi focused every interview on her indignation that a “crime” had taken place, and that the first thing they would investigate is how those emails had been hacked (and AFAIK there never were any hearings held on how to react to the emails revealed).  So therefore you’d think Ms. Pelosi would be gunning for Bradley Manning right now … the Army PFC who is accused of stealing sensitive US documents for Wikileaks. Except … I haven’t really seen any statements from her about Mr. Manning. I might have missed something, but it appears as though she is more offended by someone daring to reveal the truth about the rabid politics behind Global Warming than about someone damaging America’s position in the world … and possibly endangering the lives of some American allies.

Admittedly, the former would be heretical against her religious beliefs and the latter just has to do with the nation that she is (soon to be “was”) Speaker of the House and 2nd in line to the Presidency for, so I guess I understand her priorities.

From the point of view of someone who doesn’t want the US economy damaged and our wealth transferred to other countries based on questionable science and stupid and expensive responses to that questionable science … thank God for whomever stole those emails. Though the scientists involved where technically cleared of gross wrong doing by the government agencies that investigated them (agencies of a government heavily invested in Global Warming politics) it at least allowed us to hold the line on cap and trade through this current congress.

And of course, the politics of the “science” of global warming have been further revealed since and the general belief is that any serious global warming legislation from Congress is pretty much dead for the next couple of years.

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