The Smith and Wesson Governor — overruling “The Judge?”

So the Smith and Wesson .410/.45 Colt/.45 ACP Governor is out to compete with the Taurus Judge, but with a 6 chambered cylinder instead of the Judge’s 5 and the ability to shoot .45 ACP as well as .45 Colt (aka Long Colt) … it’s a nice option. Personally I find it much too large and heavy for normal CCW, but for those who hike a lot in snake country I could see it as an all-in-one gun.

With 6 chambers you could have different types of rounds for every eventuality. Put in one less-lethal .410 round as a warning shot (or to discipline an errant teenager), a couple of .410 rounds of your favorite snake shot, and finish it off with some .45 ACP or LC for human predators. Then mark the cylinder with colored tape so you can dial up the right kind of round quickly (alright, maybe you don’t want to mark it with colored tape, but it would be cool to have a gun you could quickly flip to different types of projectile depending upon the situation).

Admittedly this gun, or The Judge, is well down on the list of “want-to-haves” and isn’t even close to be on my “must-haves” … but I could see myself wearing this in an open carry holster if I’m off-roading or hiking elsewhere than Colorado (in the mountains snakes aren’t a problem, and in the prairies you just have to be careful while walking through Prairie Dog towns).

Here are some pictures. Go to the websites linked for professional pictures, of course:

Note the comparative size of the quarter. This is NOT a gun I'd try to pack in a "Smart Carry" for sure.

For details, check out the S&W site linked.

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