I wonder how long the government shutdown will be this time?

Let’s see … so far the House has passed (and I like all of these) defunding for:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Obamacare
  • EPA carbon dioxide management (no cap and tax or anything similar)

Oh yeah … it’s going to take a while to work this out. The Democrats don’t want to cut back on anything, and definitely not entities that protect their beloved progressive causes.

Once again the biggest question I have is who comes out the winner. The Republicans for holding the line on reduced spending or the Democrats for holding the line on maintaining deficit spending and their social programs? I still believe the Republicans will win, as the people of this country are smart enough to see what is happening in Greece and not want that. But then I remember how Obama got a lift in ratings for his “compromise” on continuing the Bush tax cuts, though that “compromise” was basically several hundred billion more in total loss of revenue, and I start to wonder. It was a clear  Democrat victory. And like all Democrat victories, very expensive.

As the son of a career government worker I’ve seen a number of government shutdowns, and was working as a government contractor during the 1995 shutdown.  Shutdowns are basically a joke, simply resulting in government workers getting extra days off and then the government pays them retroactively after they authorize a new budget so the workers lose nothing. In my case, during the 1995 shutdown we were moved out of our government building and had to work out of one of our private buildings for a few days. But we continued to work and were, of course, paid on our contract.

The interesting thing is how far apart the sides are. Somehow or another this congress has to govern and get enough done for us to survive to the next election, when hopefully we can give the Republicans a solid majority and a Republican president, but that is almost 2 years away. And 2 years would be too long of a shutdown to survive.

Interesting, interesting times. And we will eventually know if the US really is really a more conservative than liberal country (as seemed in the last election) or if the last election was a fluke.

UPDATE: I see a lot of people finding this article via Google. If you want to understand why the budgetary issues we are facing are so critical we need to deal with them even if it means suffering a shutdown, take a look at my post on Atlas Shrugged here.

For more information on what a shutdown would do look here or  here.

And if you want a specific reason why the Federal government should quit subsidizing all those “women’s health services,” like mammograms, that are supposedly provided by Planned Parenthood (but really aren’t) the best reason is that we’ve already agreed to pay for all those preventative services with Obamacare.

There will be those who suffer if the shutdown goes on and on, of course. Here are a few stories. But remember … they’re talking about a shutdown that is months long, whereas most shutdowns have been for mere days. A shutdown that extends into the summer would truly be disastrous as the military won’t be getting their accumulated pay until it’s over, and soldiers don’t have the kind of resources to keep their families going without paychecks coming in.  A shutdown that lasts for a month or less, while in this nation of 300 million people there will be some very sad stories, will really have a negligible effect.

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7 comments to I wonder how long the government shutdown will be this time?

  • samantha

    this article is a joke, Whoever wrote this is a racist prick and I hope you rot in hell.

  • I love the intertubes. Normally I would just delete a comment like Samantha’s above, but instead I’ll leave it as an example of the liberal mind set; don’t even try to attack the facts, because you can’t. Just attack the person and hope people ignore the facts.

    As we’ve ween with Sarah Palin and so many others …

  • leslie

    I think you made some good points, but I wish you wouldn’t be so polarized. If the two sides would just drop this imaginary dichotomy of ideologies they might come to some agreements and save a lot of suffering.

    –somewhere in the middle

    ps, since when did “obamacare” agree to “pay” for women’s preventative services anyways? Last time I checked it was simply a requirement to get insurance, more funding for medicaid (which you cannot get with more than 11,000 in yearly income) and certain laws for insurance companies. They’re not bickering over socialist healthcare, here, people. And poor women will always need affordable pap smears and mammograms, even if they are insured for more catastrophic illnesses.

    • I am partisan, you’re right, but to a certain extent we’ve got ideologies confronting us that don’t really have a middle ground. Anti-abortion people consider abortion murder, pro-abortion people consider it a fundamental right of a woman. The best we can do is a “king solomon” negotiation and split the baby (cut funding in half or something) but neither side is willing to do that. They’ll have to, and they may be at this moment.

      If you look at Obamacare, it is a requirement for a minimum level of insurance that includes preventative care and women’s health. Much of it hasn’t taken effect yet, but with the expansion of medicaid and etc. that Obamacare calls for poor women WILL not need any subsidized preventative care, so while I’d argue Federal payments to PP are already unnecessary — they will be inarguably unnecessary very soon…

      Thanks for commenting!

  • jm

    Where are the women picketing for preventative medicine? I really have not been following the news that lead to government shut down. But it seems to me that in a Age of Enlightenment and knowledge, we should be able to make the correct decisions.I say Lets fire the bloaks making the decisions and concentrate on our economy, our people and maybe even our world. I am not an environmentalist by any means just someone who knows that the US is not the center of the Universe and neither is this small planet.

  • Matthew

    So why do you not like Obamacare, Mr. Wright? What’s so bad about trying to enable most, if not all, people who can’t afford healthcare? If you think it is communistic, remember that communism stemmed from Marx’s philosophy that the barriers of class should be broken. While I believe that total communism will be the downfall of our country, some aspects of government, like healthcare. Obama’s not being mean. He just wants people to be healthy.

  • Hey Matthew … if you read all of my various posts, you will find that I’m not against the government taking some action to help with healthcare, but that this is too much too fast and I think there are better ways to do it. Do a search if you like and you’ll see quite a bit more detail than I want to put in a response. but basically …

    The Democrats started out with a Canadian model of socialized medicine (single payer)and then negotiated down from that. So while what we’re getting is definitely a long ways from single payer socialized medicine, it started out with that as a goal and I think that’s still reflected within.

    We’ll survive Obamacare if it’s not repealed, of course, but I think it will be one more program that will drag down the economy and make the future just a little less successful. And I really don’t want to see another big fat entitlement program.

    We could do so, so much better if we started out with an American concept of making healthcare more affordable — and even subsidizing it in some cases — than with a Canadian/European version that we know the weakness of — and which seems to be becoming more problematic as time goes on.