So Direct TV is Anti-gun? Guess who just lost a potential subscriber!

Why are they so self righteous about stopping a Radio Shack store in Hamilton, Montana from giving away a certificate for a free gun when signing up for their service, as the store is currently doing with Dish Network? It bugs me that corporate Radio Shack is against this giveway as well, but for Direct TV … they aren’t involved in the giveaway at all, it’s just promoting their product from one of the many stores that offers it. And check out the tone of Darris Gringeri, VP of public relations for DirecTV.

“DirecTV is absolutely not following suit with the Dish Network promotion and immediately denied the request for such a promotion the moment it was brought to our attention,” Gringeri wrote. “I can assure you that Mr. Strand will not be offering this deal to potential DirecTV customers.”

My wife and I are actively looking at the options for TV as we speak, and Direct TV just dropped down to the bottom of the list. We’ll see if Mr. Gringeri gets more or less subscribers because of his nasty tone.

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2 comments to So Direct TV is Anti-gun? Guess who just lost a potential subscriber!

  • Thanks for letting me know this. I had considered DirectTV as a possibility to replace my basic but anemic Time Warren Cable.

    They will probably have to be the only remaining choice to get me to move to them.

  • We’re looking at moving away from our current provider as well, so after some thought I can’t rule out subscribing to them if it’s really the right deal for some reason … they are at the bottom of the list for sure.

    Although this is just the opinion of one DirecTv spokesman, his tone was way too self righteous and condescending.