In less than 24 hours the killing of Bin Laden became an MSNBC anti-Bush/pro Democrat party hate fest. Wow.

In the hours following the taking of Usama (Osama?) Bin Laden we heard all kinds of great pro-American/non-partisan words. Everyone from President Obama to former President George W. Bush. Good Stuff, and it made me proud to hear Americans with such different views on current issues coming together on this one, the taking out of the greatest mass murderer in American history. But now I just sat through most of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, and the thin-lipped expressionless-one who replaced Olbermann turned his entire show into a partisan pro Democrat/Bush attacking hate fest. Seriously? Where they heck do they get these people?!

He started his show by staring into the camera and stating in his monotone:

President Bush had 2086 days to catch Usama Bin Laden. President Obama got that job done in 831 days.

Yes, he did. Using intelligence taken from operatives captured during Bush’s term and interrogated in the Gitmo prison created by President Bush — possibly with the methods that the Democrats claimed were useless and torture.

Now if one wanted to become partisan on this issue one could legitimately ask why it took until now to get Bin Laden if they’ve known where he was since August 2010. But I honestly don’t, as I give Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt and assume he moved as expeditiously as possible. It was a tricky political issue to send assault helicopters 400 miles into sovereign territory and attack a private home less than 40 miles from that nation’s capital, and not something one does on a whim. Frankly, I’m as impressed as all hell that he took the risk of doing it AND was able to get together the required foreign assets to make it happen (I’m sure it will be a decade before we know all the details, but whatever else Mr. Obama does this will be a shining achievement of his administration).

At the moment I couldn’t be happier with the decisions Obama’s made in carrying out the war in Afghanistan, though history is still the final judge.

But as for O’Donnell … I’m not going to detail every petty little minute (and petty they were) but he continued with a string of visitors generally chosen to demean President Bush and build up Obama, calling it an issue of “leadership.” Even proclaiming one big change was trading out Rumsfeld for Gates as the Secretary of Defense, even though that change took place in November 2006, well over 2 years before President Obama took office. If Gates is a great Secretary of Defense that’s another good choice both presidents share.

Did President Bush proclaim Bin Laden was secondary to the overall war on terror and turn a great deal of attention elsewhere after the Taliban were chased out of power in Afghanistan? He did, and I think he was correct to do so. As he said … the war against terror is much greater than one man. Proven by the fact it’s not now over because that one man is dead — however happy it makes us all feel.

In hindsight I would say it was a mistake to go into Iraq, but we did prevail in that war and only history will ultimately judge if it was worth the cost. Did making Iraq a functioning, if shaky, democracy have anything to do with the current “Arab Spring,” for better or worse? Once again … history will answer.

And how did O’Donnell end this little hate fest that should offend EVERY American who thinks that while politics are important, there are some issues that transcend them? By attacking Rudy Giuliani, the hero of New Yorkers at the time of the 9-11 attack, for being too partisan (which besides being in really bad taste is rather like Josef Stalin criticizing anyone for being too tyrannical of a leader).

And Rudy Giuliani … should be saying, “Thank God, Barack Obama, is our President.” But of course he will not say that. Rudy Giuliani could never look into his soul and find the grace to say something like that about a political opponent. Giuliani is simply too partisan to say that. And much, much too simple minded.

President Obama did his job and took out an enemy of America. But would John McCain have done any less? Would ANY of the serious candidates for President (excepting Kucinich, though I don’t know if I’d call him a serious candidate) have done any less? Of course not. Republican or Democrat, once you’re President defending the U.S. is job one.

O’Donnell is just plain despicable. The sooner MSNBC dumps this idiot the better.

The sad thing is … I find myself missing Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was no better overall on his outlook, but he could at least vary his facial features and vocal tone/inflection enough to make his ridiculously pompous verbal strutting interesting.

Soon enough we’ll have to go back to talking about government debt, how to stimulate job growth, Healthcare, etc. … but couldn’t the MSNBC Democrat shills have given us at least a week to enjoy this as a united people?

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2 comments to In less than 24 hours the killing of Bin Laden became an MSNBC anti-Bush/pro Democrat party hate fest. Wow.

  • earthgirl

    It already has been proven that your misguided hero, Bush, closed the files on bin Laden in 2005. Already proved that torture did not provide concrete evidence of any worth. Too many diesel fumes?

  • Bush ended a special group tagged to get Bin Laden, but it’s not like he put him back on the “nice guy” list; we were still after Osama, we just had other priorities.

    And no … it’s debatable that the enhanced interrogation techniques we used were honorable or moral … but not that we got actionable information. A lot of good information was gained and acted on, and you were kept safer as a result.

    Just the facts my little misguided liberal friend. Just the facts.