Petitioning the White House — vote now to promote pro-gun issues

Future petitions at the White House petitions site must get 25,000 votes in 30 days to mandate an “official review” from the white house, but it looks like existing petitions still only have the original 5,000 vote threshold. So please … take a minute and vote on these petitions now as they aren’t yet garnering votes fast enough to force a response (though they are doing many, many times better than the anti-gun petitions I’ve seen). Let’s see if we can get the Obama administration to take a position on these common sense changes to gun law — because this is the kind of change I’ve been hoping for!

Petition to allow ownership of post 1987 automatic weapons.

(the above is mine, and at least it’s past the 150 vote threshold to be searchable)

Petition to end the stupid Federal laws banning silencers

(does being quieter make a gun more dangerous? Does being louder make it safer? To whom?)

This is our most popular petition, to support the bill for national CCW.

(Another common sense gun law that supports the positions of 40 shall-issue states)

This petition supports ownership of short barreled rifles and shotguns.

Thanks! Pass these links around to your friends and promote everywhere.

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