Thinking about the OWS movement …

When I was a kid, youth took to the streets to protest war and civil rights issues. Now, they take to the street to protest that other people make more money than they do.

I understand their anger, because the ongoing recession is grating on us all, and it’s easy to give up and believe there will never be a recovery and that the whole system is irreparably failed. But the system has looked irreparably failed before and with a little time and faith we’ve not only recovered, but prospered. I’m just not sure why these kids are attacking the business people who have the capacity to bail us out rather than working to vote out the current administration that keeps us stuck in the mud.

An interesting fact … my family has long generations, and I’m basically the same age during the growing OWS protests as my own WWII Veteran father was during the Vietnam protests. And it’s helping me understand the outlook he had at the time — on the one hand he and his generation knew war and understood why the younger generation was against it and certainly the reasons for the war were questionable. But he didn’t understand what they thought they would accomplish by doing sit-ins and mob protests that turned violent on the fringes (just like we’re seeing now) and working outside the system rather than within it.

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