So a person killed with a sword is better than a standoff with a gun?

As gun control has ceased to be a mainstream issue, gun control proponents have gotten more extreme to the point of becoming silly — not surprising for a movement who’s leadership has become people victimized by gunfire and know nothing about guns/the gun culture and don’t want to. And the fact that they just plain hate guns, hate them so much they don’t care if people die so long as no one can buy or carry a gun, becomes more clear. Here is an exchange on the Wisconsin Anti-Violent Effort Facebook page about a confrontation between a sword wielder and a (possible) CCW holder that ended peacefully, i.e. with no one getting hurt. And yet to anti-gunners it’s proof that horrible and violent people are getting their CCW’s.

Now … there are obviously some bizarre sides to this — brother’s fighting over cigarettes, etc. — but I’ve got to say that brandishing a firearm at someone brandishing a 5 foot long sword is not unreasonable. Whether or not you should be able to use deadly force against someone about to kill your dog just to be mean is more arguable, but jeez … he was going to kill the guy’s pet AND he had a deadly weapon. No shots were fired and I don’t think that brandishing a firearm is out of line.

If someone were threatening to kill my dog just because they were angry at me I would damned sure get in their way and they would have to go through me to get to her. If they brandished a deadly weapon they would be brandishing it at me, not the dog.

Yeah — great intelligent discourse.

And I don’t want to copy the picture, but follow this link to a cartoon I still don’t understand, but which may be proof of the whole concept that an armed society is a polite society. Basically it shows the MSM stereotype of a TEA partier holding a sign and a scary black rifle of some kind (a rifle by someone who doesn’t know/care what rifles look like), while a fat bellied police officer sprays a hippy-chick OWS protester with mace. The cop is saying “Well, you can’t expect me to pepper spray the Tea Party protesters — those people carry guns!”

Of course … there was never a need to pepper spray TEA party rallies, because they didn’t camp out overnight, got proper permits for their rallies, didn’t block traffic or “occupy” private property, respected police, etc.  But apparently WAVE just hates guns so much they think this is proof that guns are bad? If you were truly such an idiot you believed that the TEA party and OWS were completely comparable and equally legitimate and one was getting pepper sprayed and the other left alone … wouldn’t that make a strong argument that the 2nd amendment really is an important protection to the 1st amendment?

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