Colorado Supreme Court overrules CU ban on guns on campus

Which means that licensed CCW will be legal (possibly open carry as well — I’ve not reviewed the actual ruling) on all state college campuses in Colorado. I’m sure there are more details to come, but what a victory this is. And finally the Brady Campaign will have to give Colorado a better (lower) score for 2012 as they’ve been incorrectly claiming we ban campus carry and punishing us with 2 extra Brady points.

I always hate to see courts making these big decisions, as they can be so darn biased and come up with crazy rulings (like they did on open carry in Colorado), but given how the law was written this should always have been a gimme. Regardless of what current Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said as Colorado Attorney General – that CU was somehow exempt from laws passed for the entire state.

This is great news. Although I’ve never carried a firearm while walking on campus, I”ve always been worried that on a trip to Boulder I’d inadvertently turn onto one of the roads that crosses the CU and get pulled over by a campus cop. It’s not clear what criminal charges I would have faced for carrying, possibly nothing more than being banned from the university, but it wasn’t a situation I wanted to deal with.

Great news for Colorado! We’ve always been a state that allowed CCW on campus by law, and now it’s been confirmed by the court. It’s just too bad that there’s been a 9 year gap from when the law was enacted until it was deemed the law.

I may not have put anything on this blog for about 3 months now, but this was a story I had to say something about. Hopefully I’ve still got a few people on RSS feed/email to see this!

UPDATE: So I just finished an online debate about this issue.

The question posted by my debater (paraphrased): “With what’s happened at Virginia Tech and other schools how can you support this? What good can come of this?”

My Answer: “Look … state laws against arms carry didn’t stop the shooters at Virginia Tech or NIU, and even Federal Laws didn’t stop the shooter(s) at Columbine or Chardon.  If you’ve decided to shoot a bunch of random people laws against carry don’t do much. Now … I don’t think this law will realistically affect mass shootings either way, though it’s possible someone will be empowered to stop a shooting, but what it does do is take away a law that only affects the law abiding. i.e. since the law provably won’t stop school shootings all it will accomplish is get someone like me arrested for turning on the wrong road or taking a short cut on the wrong sidewalk. Like it or not, the voters of Colorado via our elected representatives have said it’s legal for me to carry a firearm, and also made it clear it’s legal on universities”

To me the logic is simple … if you want to stop drunk driving you can argue that all alcohol should be banned — it didn’t work in the past, and I disagree with it, but it is a reasonable argument to make — but passing law after law that hurts people who drink but DON’T drive is worthless. All you accomplish is to get otherwise innocent people arrested and get a felony conviction against them that accomplishes nothing but to destroy their life.

Same with guns — although I believe in the empowerment of an armed citizenry, there are intelligent (though I believe failing) arguments to be made for disarmed society. But if you have an armed citizenry, and we do, then making sure that law abiding people can’t carry guns anywhere but criminals can (because they don’t care about the law) is a deadly mix. And makes no common sense.  Commongunsense (aka Japete’s commongunNONsense) or otherwise.

If it really is just violence the anti-gun groups are fighting, and not legal gun ownership, they should stop fighting laws that only affect people who are NOT violent criminals and focus on the violent criminals.  And more on how to make less violent criminals rather than focusing on the particular tools they choose, as it is still what is in the heart that makes a murderer — not what is in the hand. Murder exists back to the earlies days of mankind (Cain and Abel for most of us) and far predates firearms.

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