Let’s cut the crap and talk about real solutions to keeping children safe — not just anti-gun laws

I keep seeing politicians and liberal media pundits pointing at the horrifying pictures from the Sandy Hook school massacre and calling for more gun control. But are they using the images of 20 murdered children to promote laws that would have affected that tragedy, or any recent mass murder? Hell no! They’re fighting for the standard pillars of gun control:

  • An assault weapons ban  (worthless, given that Cho at VT used a pistol)
  • Background checks for all purchases (worthless, given that most of the recent shooting were either with stolen guns or the guy passed a background check)
  • A ban on “large capacity” magazines (pretty much worthless — *click* *click* — as long as it takes to say that is as long as it takes to change out a lower capacity magazine).

Is this offensive to anyone else?

I listened to the President’s address on his Biden led “Gun Violence Panel” expecting an anti-gun diatribe, but what I got on the gun issue was a carefully worded (to lock him into as few positions as possible) speech basically saying  “an Assault Weapons Ban would be nice, but let’s just agree we all want to keep military style weapons out of the hands of deranged people” because even if you disagree with the first part, how can you disagree with the second? Even I don’t, the question being is what measures would do that without taking them away from the rest of us.

The rest of the speech was actually quite good, talking about violence and mental health and so forth. And NOT painting all gun owners with a broad brush as evil. I do think mental health should be as easy to get as a gun. I would also say it already is, though it can’t hurt to pursue this further.

But if you’re going to fight gun violence through limited gun bans while holding up the bodies of the murdered children of Newtown, which MAY disarm some crazy mass murderers but WILL disarm 100% of non-crazy people, have the guts to fight for a solution that will actually matter. And as I’ve talked about several time, the only thing that will matter is a complete gun ban. Just about everything, with perhaps the exception of some single shot rifles/shotguns.  I will still oppose it, because I’m not ready to give up a basic American liberty because of the actions of a murderous madman, but at least I’ll understand that you’re actually trying to take action in the names of the slaughtered innocents that would matter to them. Even if it does cause an even higher body count in times to come, as I believe it would.

But a complete gun ban ain’t going to happen. The President knows that. Even the  Brady Campaign knows that. So let’s talk about things that can happen.

There’s one thing no one’s really  brought up yet that I’ve been thinking more and more about, and I hope will get a push: parents.  As a parent I take my turn wearing a reflective vest and holding a stop sign to keep kids safe from 2 ton SUV’s while they cross the street, couldn’t I also take turns making sure my kids aren’t left helpless to any passing madman? A cop would be better, but at a cost of better than $100k a year we simply can’t afford one at every school — that $100k is better spent on teachers and the educational experience. And parents already pay for the school with their taxes, and help manage them through PTAs and PTOs, and volunteer in classrooms regularly. So why not go back to that willing well of volunteers one more time?

Parents are free.  Parents know the school and the kids. Parents have already proven themselves trustworthy with a kid or two. And there is nothing more fierce than a parent defending his or her child — a parent will charge into any danger and fight anyone if a child is endangered. Male or female. It’s how we’re wired.

This is what we need the courage to do. One or two parents at their kid’s school on a regular basis.  Wandering the hallways with a plan to maintain security and look for strangers. With a phone ready to call for help. In states where it’s legal, less lethal (pepper spray, tasers) and even lethal weapons.

Think on it. Propose it to your school or PTO/PTA. Fight for it. This could work, and it requires not one penny of expenditure or a changing of laws. And it could be started tomorrow.

We are better than leaving our kids helpless. We are better than passing a lot of gun laws that won’t help. Or at least I hope we are.

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  • You asked a very important and poignant question when you asked, “Are we doing all we can to protect our children?” While the question was rhetorical, I am sure you meant for us as citizens of the United States of America to ponder on it and search deep within ourselves for not only the answer to your question but for solutions. In my professional world, it is a poor surgeon who blames his tools. In other words, it is not the tools that are the cause of the problem, but the operator who lacks the skills or ability to perform the task at hand. Likewise, it is equally folly to blame the guns used in this malevolent attack. It is the person behind them. Prohibiting ownership of all or certain types of firearms will not solve the problem. It certainly has not worked to keep illicit drugs out of schools or off of the streets. Making something illegal does not prohibit someone who wants that forbidden item from obtaining it or using a substitute. Prohibition did not stop the use of alcohol. It created an underworld of violence-filled crime. Prohibition made the criminals wealthy and kept alcohol available to those who wanted it and could pay for it. If someone with criminal intent wants an illegal substance, be it pharmaceuticals or firearms, they will find a way to get it or they will find a satisfactory substitute. The human brain is devoid of boundaries when it comes to the evil it can conjure up. Simply prohibiting some thing or action will not stop the intended evil.