Why is the President exploiting the murder of children for a political goal that won’t protect children?

I’ve watched the President’s position “evolve” from “I’m going to  do something on gun control” to “Biden’s going to lead a blue ribbon commission on gun control” to (today) “it’s up to congress to act.” What this means is it is highly unlikely (but not impossible) there’s going to be an assault weapons ban.

But in any case … isn’t it kind of despicable the President and anti-gun groups are using this tragedy to try and ban a single class of weapons, which is not a solution to mass murder, but just one stop on their political goal of destroying the 2nd amendment? Will it make him feel better if the next shooter uses pistols like Cho at VT? Or a shotgun (and other guns) like the columbine killers? Or for that matter a bolt action rifle like Charles Whitman on a Texas tower?

If you want to argue gun control as a way to stop mass shootings you need to have the courage to fight for something that would actually make a difference, like a total ban on guns and a turn in of all existing guns. Which absolutely won’t happen without a change in the constitution and a major change in culture (and I’m against it) — but it is the only gun-control related cure.  And of course criminals with underworld connections will still get whatever guns they want, but the total ban/turn in would affect mass shooters since they’re generally not criminals (and force them to use explosives or arson or whatever else their deranged minds can come up with). And the other effect would be that while this would force mass murders to use something besides guns for the dozen or so people they kill every year, it would 100% eliminate the tens of thousands of defensive uses of firearms per year, and actually increase the net body count of innocent murder victims. Of all ages.

So why keep exploiting an unthinkable tragedy for political points and expending political energy on an issue which will accomplish nothing? Our kids deserve better. We can do better!

If someone out there honestly thinks that banning a specific type of rifle, when there are many other choices (some more deadly), will stop people so evil they can murder children from actually murdering children, I’d be glad to talk a few facts with you. Just reply in the comments or send me an email. The most deadly school massacre at a US Elementary school by far, BTW, was in 1927 (when you could buy a Thompson sub machine gun at a hardware store with no background check) and no guns were used.

This blog may be going back to sleep soon, but I’d be glad to have this conversation.

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