Are Anti-Gunners Winning the Hearts and Minds of Americans?

It appears that anti-gun activism really is an "old white liberal" thing

A couple of months ago I was looking at the Facebook pages of the best known pro and anti 2nd amendment  groups and wondered how their growth trends compare. This is a meaningful measure, because FB is so ubiquitous that it can meaningfully reflect culture in general. And while it’s immediately apparent the NRA owns a 10:1 “like” advantage over the largest anti group, Bloomberg’s “Every Town”( and  considerably more over the rest, which are not really worthy of mention — only Moms Demand Action is over 100k), are the anti groups really gaining popular momentum?  As the Bloomberg financed “Moms” (the under 100k group) would have us believe? Not finding any public resources with the answer I did my own study, and the short answer is “No.” The longer answer is “Hell No.”

And to sum up:

1. Anti 2nd amendment FB groups are much smaller than pro 2nd amendment groups (like 10x) 2. Anti 2nd amdment FB groups are growing much slower than pro 2nd amendment groups (like 4x) 3. Anti 2nd amendment FB groups have an older following than pro 2nd amendment groups (like 25-44 for the NRA and 55+ for Bloomberg’s Everytown)

My data . . . → Read More: Are Anti-Gunners Winning the Hearts and Minds of Americans?

Why is the President exploiting the murder of children for a political goal that won’t protect children?

I’ve watched the President’s position “evolve” from “I’m going to  do something on gun control” to “Biden’s going to lead a blue ribbon commission on gun control” to (today) “it’s up to congress to act.” What this means is it is highly unlikely (but not impossible) there’s going to be an assault weapons ban.

But in any case … isn’t it kind of despicable the President and anti-gun groups are using this tragedy to try and ban a single class of weapons, which is not a solution to mass murder, but just one stop on their political goal of destroying the 2nd amendment? Will it make him feel better if the next shooter uses pistols like Cho at VT? Or a shotgun (and other guns) like the columbine killers? Or for that matter a bolt action rifle like Charles Whitman on a Texas tower?

If you want to argue gun control as a way to stop mass shootings you need to have the courage to fight for something that would actually make a difference, like a total ban on guns and a turn in of all existing guns. Which absolutely won’t happen without a change in the constitution and a . . . → Read More: Why is the President exploiting the murder of children for a political goal that won’t protect children?

Let’s cut the crap and talk about real solutions to keeping children safe — not just anti-gun laws

I keep seeing politicians and liberal media pundits pointing at the horrifying pictures from the Sandy Hook school massacre and calling for more gun control. But are they using the images of 20 murdered children to promote laws that would have affected that tragedy, or any recent mass murder? Hell no! They’re fighting for the standard pillars of gun control:

An assault weapons ban  (worthless, given that Cho at VT used a pistol) Background checks for all purchases (worthless, given that most of the recent shooting were either with stolen guns or the guy passed a background check) A ban on “large capacity” magazines (pretty much worthless — *click* *click* — as long as it takes to say that is as long as it takes to change out a lower capacity magazine).

Is this offensive to anyone else?

I listened to the President’s address on his Biden led “Gun Violence Panel” expecting an anti-gun diatribe, but what I got on the gun issue was a carefully worded (to lock him into as few positions as possible) speech basically saying  “an Assault Weapons Ban would be nice, but let’s just agree we all want to keep military style weapons out of . . . → Read More: Let’s cut the crap and talk about real solutions to keeping children safe — not just anti-gun laws

A Gun Guy Does Some Soul Searching After the Sandy Hook School Massacre

It’s funny how a single image can affect you more profoundly than a thousand others. When I see the collage of the faces of all those beautiful children murdered in the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre it’s just too much; it’s like trying to drink pain from a firehose. That picture could be of my first grader’s class, children whom I know by name and see regularly. My brain can’t conceive of all of them gone from something so … terrible? Horrible? Unthinkable? My thesaurus fails me. There’s no adequate word in the English language for so many children savagely murdered.

But then I see a picture of a father walking along the sidewalk, head low, to attend his child’s funeral. And suddenly that’s me. Crushed and dazed and about to see the body of my six year old lying in a casket. Whom just days before I had kissed on the cheek and dropped off at school. And I find myself with tears in my eyes. And my heart so full of pain I can barely stand it.

With 300 million people what can we do to keep the insane and hateful from murdering innocents? Should we make the . . . → Read More: A Gun Guy Does Some Soul Searching After the Sandy Hook School Massacre

CU students interviewed about concealed weapons on campus

Frankly, I was shocked at how accepting the majority of these students interviewed were about the Colorado State Supreme Court ruling the prohibits CU from having its own rules about guns on campus (i.e. not allowing them0. The young lady isn’t crazy about the idea but accepts it as a right, and only one of those interviewed was actively against it.

This video is from a Boulder Daily newspaper which is definitely not known as being conservative, so it’s interesting these were the opinions they found. I’m guessing they would have preferred a lot more strictly negative responses, like the one at the end.

Off Road

The best book ever written!

By me, anyway.

Set against the background of the American civil war of “progressives” vs. patriotic American traditionalists and a family caught in the middle, Off Road is a journey into the uniquely American world of God, guns, big trucks … and family.

More information here. Buy it at in paperback or Kindle (only .99 for Kindle, which can also be read on a PC with a free reader). Or at Barnes and Noble in paperback or Nook (only .99 in Nook format). Or from . . . → Read More: CU students interviewed about concealed weapons on campus

Colorado Supreme Court overrules CU ban on guns on campus

Which means that licensed CCW will be legal (possibly open carry as well — I’ve not reviewed the actual ruling) on all state college campuses in Colorado. I’m sure there are more details to come, but what a victory this is. And finally the Brady Campaign will have to give Colorado a better (lower) score for 2012 as they’ve been incorrectly claiming we ban campus carry and punishing us with 2 extra Brady points.

I always hate to see courts making these big decisions, as they can be so darn biased and come up with crazy rulings (like they did on open carry in Colorado), but given how the law was written this should always have been a gimme. Regardless of what current Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said as Colorado Attorney General – that CU was somehow exempt from laws passed for the entire state.

This is great news. Although I’ve never carried a firearm while walking on campus, I”ve always been worried that on a trip to Boulder I’d inadvertently turn onto one of the roads that crosses the CU and get pulled over by a campus cop. It’s not clear what criminal charges I would have . . . → Read More: Colorado Supreme Court overrules CU ban on guns on campus

So a person killed with a sword is better than a standoff with a gun?

As gun control has ceased to be a mainstream issue, gun control proponents have gotten more extreme to the point of becoming silly — not surprising for a movement who’s leadership has become people victimized by gunfire and know nothing about guns/the gun culture and don’t want to. And the fact that they just plain hate guns, hate them so much they don’t care if people die so long as no one can buy or carry a gun, becomes more clear. Here is an exchange on the Wisconsin Anti-Violent Effort Facebook page about a confrontation between a sword wielder and a (possible) CCW holder that ended peacefully, i.e. with no one getting hurt. And yet to anti-gunners it’s proof that horrible and violent people are getting their CCW’s.

Now … there are obviously some bizarre sides to this — brother’s fighting over cigarettes, etc. — but I’ve got to say that brandishing a firearm at someone brandishing a 5 foot long sword is not unreasonable. Whether or not you should be able to use deadly force against someone about to kill your dog just to be mean is more arguable, but jeez … he was going to kill the guy’s . . . → Read More: So a person killed with a sword is better than a standoff with a gun?

The Denver Post promoting common sense gun laws? We must be winning!

The law banning firearms in post office lobbies and even post office parking lots is ridiculous. I often carry a firearm in my vehicle, and if I forget and park in the Post Office parking lot to get my business mail I’m a criminal. If my wife borrows my car (the gun is secured in a car safe which she normally doesn’t even have a key to) and drives through the parking lot to mail a letter she’s likewise automatically a law breaker.

The law/regulation is a legacy from anti-gun days and now only exists as part of a web of laws to snare law abiding gun owners and make gun ownership just that much more legally dangerous.

But now a normally liberal and sometimes anti-gun paper, the Denver Post, has actually taken a common sense stand — against a law which does nothing but endanger the futures and livelihoods of law abiding gun owners:

We don’t think that a post office — let alone an adjoining parking lot — qualifies under the court’s standard as a “sensitive place” where guns may be comprehensively banned. So we’re glad a federal judge in Denver has allowed a lawsuit to go forward . . . → Read More: The Denver Post promoting common sense gun laws? We must be winning!

AR-15s at Walmart! Is there any question that black rifles are now the norm?


AR-15s at Wal Mart

I was doing some late night shopping at a nearby Walmart in Littleton, Colorado, and what did I find? Several sporting type “black” semi-automatic rifles in the rifle rack. Nicely priced, too. I’ve seen plenty of .22LR semi-auto rifles at Wal Mart, but here are some .223 AR-15′s in both carbine and hunting configuration. One even has a normal capacity (30 round) magazine and telescoping stock — both nice features.

I plan on buying another rifle this summer, my daughter’s first (probably a Ruger 10-22) and Walmart will now be on my A-list of possible stores to purchase it from.

I don’t know if Walmart went through with its plan from a while back to video tape all gun purchases and etc., but I’m not as concerned about that as I am about making sure that semi-automatic modern rifles stay in the mainstream. And “mainstream” and “common use” (the latter a phrase referenced by the Heller Supreme Court case) means Walmart to most of America.

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; . . . → Read More: AR-15s at Walmart! Is there any question that black rifles are now the norm?

The pro-gun vs. anti-gun White House petition situation — meh!

Earlier I was worried that we on the pro-gun side were going to lose a grassroots type online vote.  Turns out to be a non-issue.

The first pro-HR822 (nationwide CCW) poll went down with less than the 5,000 votes in 30 days required for an administration response, but it did come fairly close.

The anti-HR822 poll, promoted by Mayor Ramsey of Philadelphia, skyrocketed quickly to 8,000 votes and seemed on track to hit the 25,000 votes currently required for an administration response, but died as quickly as it exploded. It has been stuck at less than 9,000 votes for some time with only 10 days left and little chance of making the grade.

There is a new pro-822 bill to vote on, and I hope you will, but unfortunately pro-gun/conservative types tend to be adverse to posting their contact information to a white house server (though I really don’t understand why).

So the whole poll thing is pretty much a joke. The administration will (supposedly) have to make some statements on some odd subjects that got enough votes, many having to do with legalizing pot, but with the new threshold for a response set to 25,000 votes in 30 days . . . → Read More: The pro-gun vs. anti-gun White House petition situation — meh!