A “thank you” and Merry Christmas to my readers

Not just those who read this blog, but those who have contributed to the recent surge in sales of my novel, Off Road (not a surge on the level of the Iraq surge … but not bad). It’s not like I’m getting rich or anything … but then I never expected to. Thankfully I have a successful IT career to keep a roof over my family’s head and food in the freezer … and many, many other blessings besides that I could not buy for any price.

Remember, if you know someone who’s getting a new Kindle or Nook for Christmas you can gift them an E-version of Off Road. It’s available at the Amazon Kindle Store and the B&N Nook Store … or just get it from smashwords.com for $3 with coupon BZ64M (in any E-reader format). And of course you can get a paperback version of the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any Tattered Cover book store.

Take a look at the left sidebar for excerpts and references if you’re interested.

Publishing a book is both exhilarating and terrifying. Exhilarating when you get a gushing email from someone you’ve never met telling you how great your . . . → Read More: A “thank you” and Merry Christmas to my readers

I have the perfect book for liberals who don’t understand what happened in the Election

At the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover

At the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover

Alright … maybe it’s not perfect … but my novel, Off Road, focuses on the culture wars we are seeing in America; the liberal “what can the government do for me” vs. the conservative “leave me alone and let me do for myself and we’ll all be better off.” Not to mention other cultural issues, such as the traditional American values around God, guns , big trucks … and family. Perfect for a liberal scratching his/her head at last night’s election or a conservative reveling in the victory. And for those around Denver it’s now available at the famous TatteredCover Book Stores. Or you can buy it online (paperback or Ebook) at tatteredcover.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any ebook format at smashwords.com ($3 with coupon BZ64M).

I hope you do buy it at a Tattered Cover Bookstore, because based on my sales in the next month they’ll be deciding if they want to do any book signing events with me. And of course if you buy now, I’ll be glad to let you know the events I’ll be at if you’d like a signature.

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Off Road the novel Part III: Big Trucks (off roading)

I setup a 99 cent coupon for the E-version of my last novel, Off Road, from smashwords.com (coupon JJ72U, every format from Kindle to .pdf) for my FB and Blog friends, and I hope you’ll partake while you have the chance. In the meantime I thought I’d repost the series of articles I did earlier this year on the four main elements the story revolves around: traditional and uniquely American views on God, guns, big trucks, and family. If you don’t like Smashwords.com, you can also buy Off Road directly through the Amazon kindle store or in Nook version from Barnes & Noble, or paperback version from Amazon or B&N. On the left sidebar are some recommendations from fellow bloggers and others.

First and foremost, of course, Off Road is a four wheeling adventure in the mountains of Colorado based on my own experiences. So techniques of technical off-roading are pretty important, as well as some talk about vehicles.

Off Roading:

I’ve never seen a novel about technical off-roading. So I wrote one. I also enjoy introducing newbies with shiny SUV’s to remote trails, and watch them light up when they climb a gnarly obstacle in 4low. And my book . . . → Read More: Off Road the novel Part III: Big Trucks (off roading)