So a person killed with a sword is better than a standoff with a gun?

As gun control has ceased to be a mainstream issue, gun control proponents have gotten more extreme to the point of becoming silly — not surprising for a movement who’s leadership has become people victimized by gunfire and know nothing about guns/the gun culture and don’t want to. And the fact that they just plain hate guns, hate them so much they don’t care if people die so long as no one can buy or carry a gun, becomes more clear. Here is an exchange on the Wisconsin Anti-Violent Effort Facebook page about a confrontation between a sword wielder and a (possible) CCW holder that ended peacefully, i.e. with no one getting hurt. And yet to anti-gunners it’s proof that horrible and violent people are getting their CCW’s.

Now … there are obviously some bizarre sides to this — brother’s fighting over cigarettes, etc. — but I’ve got to say that brandishing a firearm at someone brandishing a 5 foot long sword is not unreasonable. Whether or not you should be able to use deadly force against someone about to kill your dog just to be mean is more arguable, but jeez … he was going to kill the guy’s . . . → Read More: So a person killed with a sword is better than a standoff with a gun?

Greg Gutfeld’s “Red Eye” gets stupid in a gun debate

I’m a big fan of Redeye on Fox News, but last Friday Gutfeld’s panel mostly got it completely wrong on the issue of the new Arizona law that would make it legal to carry firearms on college campuses. Did the Redeye panel deal with the actual issues at hand, or go immediately to chair wetting exclaims of “Oh My God stoned and drunk teenage students waving guns around in class and shooting professors because of bad grades and hormones and did we mention they’re all stoned and drunk and nuts?” Let’s just say … the majority of the chairs needed recovering when the segment ended, though Mr. Gutfeld’s outlook was much more reasonable.

To recap, the new law would make it legal for people who can legally carry a weapon (meaning pretty much any law abiding citizen over the age of 18, since Arizona allows 18 and over to “open carry”) to drive or walk across an Arizona campus with a firearm on their person or in their vehicle, though they cannot enter any building (i.e. dorm room/classroom) with the firearm. Though I would have liked it if the law had gone a step further and included access to buildings, . . . → Read More: Greg Gutfeld’s “Red Eye” gets stupid in a gun debate