Still … the anti-gunners keep trying to get The Bible involved …

Although Japete is great as a motivator to blog, it’s amazing how she keeps laboriously making the same arguments over and over again no matter how badly she gets shredded by those who understand the issues. And the one argument that bothers me most is when she (or anyone) tries to bring religion and faith into a secular subjects like gun control. Here is her post, and my comment is below:

I think we’ve been down this path before.

I agree that there is nothing Biblical that tells us we must own weapons, or that we, as represented by our government, should not be able to limit ownership of types of weapons.

The belief of our founding fathers was that we had a right from “God” or “nature” to self defense, from other individuals OR a government turned tyrannical, and therefore to sufficient arms for either purpose. But while I agree with that right whole heartedly, I’ve never seen a specific BIBLICAL basis for protecting ownership of a class of arms, such as semi-automatic weapons or whatever.

But on the other side, the only part of the Bible you could possibly interpret to be pacifistic is the 6th commandment, and . . . → Read More: Still … the anti-gunners keep trying to get The Bible involved …

Off Road the novel Part I: Faith

I setup a 99 cent coupon for the E-version of my last novel, Off Road, from (coupon JJ72U, every format from Kindle to .pdf) for my FB and Blog friends, and I hope you’ll partake while you have the chance. In the meantime I thought I’d repost the series of articles I did earlier this year on the four main elements the story revolves around: traditional and uniquely American views on God, guns, big trucks, and family.

First and foremost, of course, Off Road is a four wheeling adventure in the mountains of Colorado based on my own experiences. And I think my FB friends and blog followers will enjoy seeing the main character, a “progressive” dweeb, get his eyes opened — it’s a lot of fun on many levels.

If you don’t like, you can also buy Off Road directly through the Amazon kindle store or in Nook version from Barnes & Noble, or paperback version from Amazon or B&N. On the left sidebar are some recommendations from fellow bloggers and others.

This weekend I’ll actually be off roading in my truck (33″ Wrangler MT’s, lockers front and back, Teraflex low gear, winch) with my family in . . . → Read More: Off Road the novel Part I: Faith

Nothing gun oriented — just a cute kid and a bible verse

I know this is a waste of time for some who come here … but this was a big smile for me today. Reminds me of my daughter in her princess shirts, but I haven’t started trying to get her to memorize lengthy bible verses.

Abby recites the 23rd Psalm:

UPDATE: This is actually a year old video. Guess I haven’t seen all the videos on youtube after all!

For fun, follow the link back to youtube and read the moonbat commentary. I suppose I might differ with some as to which ones are the moonbats and which are not, however.

Hatred and Politics: The Bible is right, we get the leaders we deserve

There is an exploding population of self righteous people in this country (I may sometimes even be one of them). But one thing is for damned sure … self righteous rage isn’t limited to the right. I would say the most noticeable hatred is on the left, with entire websites like in place so people can vent their anti-red state/anti-conservative hatred.

Want one of these T-shirts (at least this guy understands free enterprise – could even be a conservative himself):

Red State Moron T-shirts

Below is one of my favorite articles from the 2004 election. I’m not a fan of Bush, but when I think of what the last 4 years would have been like with Kerry, and a total retreat from Iraq (whether we should have gone there in the first place is another question, but starting a fight without the courage to finish it against enemies like we face is not wise) suddenly “W” doesn’t seem so bad.

“outreach from Blue State radicals to Red State”

So let us secede, Blue America and Red America. We can handle the Blue state Republicans, so long as we don’t have a lot of ignorant Red state lemmings frustrating . . . → Read More: Hatred and Politics: The Bible is right, we get the leaders we deserve

Whoops. An anti-gun blog accidentally allows comments!

One thing that all anti-gun webpages/blogs have in common is that they don’t accept comments. The reason for this becomes apparent when you look at this anti-gun blogpost where comments were briefly left open. It’s hard to make a point when people with more common sense than you, more knowledge than you, and better research than you keep pointing out all the ways your wrong. Shrill cries of “but guns are just so evil!” don’t hold up against facts, history, logic, and statistics.

This anti-gun blog by Pastor Rachel Smith and supported by the Brady Campaign, God not guns, speaks to a subject that I have also blogged about, Should Christians own guns? I’ll leave comparisons up to you. But while the commentators on this post have dealt with this subject quite well, let’s take a look at a few points the blogger makes.

“When Charlton Heston held up a rifle at the NRA convention in Denver Coloradojust weeks after the shootings at Columbine High School and shouted, ‘…from mycold, dead hands…’ he was making an idol of the gun.”

Heston never did this in Denver after the Columbine shooting, that’s a little mistruth from “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael . . . → Read More: Whoops. An anti-gun blog accidentally allows comments!

Why Christians (and everyone else) should oppose gun registration (not a biblical mandate, but common sense)

“But if you are a law abiding person, why would you be against registering your guns? Isn’t that the least you could do?” I am asked this in nearly every gun related conversation I have with anti-gun people or even apathetic gun owners (you know the type, they own guns but refuse to believe the anti-gun groups would ever take their guns). But it’s a fair and legitimate question, and there is a good answer for it.

The obvious point is that if the 2nd amendment is in part to protect the arms of citizens as the last defense against a government turned tyrannical, then allowing the government to keep records of exactly who owns guns negates this. But perhaps the greatest danger is NOT from a tyrannical government trying to oppress all its citizens, but from a popular government that has turned against some easily identifiable minority group (blacks, jews, gays, etc.) ?

Historical and current events prove that the most horrific violence is generally undertaken by paramilitary groups or mobs to whom the government has turned a blind eye. Groups that undertake violence against some (usually minority) group based on sectarian, racial, political, etc. differences. When this violence . . . → Read More: Why Christians (and everyone else) should oppose gun registration (not a biblical mandate, but common sense)

A Lifetime Marriage: The 7 core elements of a life long HAPPY marriage

I am not a marriage counselor. But after several excellent marriage studies and 17 years of a successful marriage I have learned what it takes to survive. And it seems to me that the important principles of an enduring marriage, while perhaps not obvious, are virtually universal.

I believe that these principles can make a marriage a lifetime of love and devotion as opposed to a few years of good sex and romance followed by a separation, whether bitter or amicable. While much of what follows may seem like simple common sense, it’s apparent many people don’t take the time or effort to think about these things and apply them to their own situation – especially before tying the knot.

But what is the definition of a successful marriage? It’s definitely not just two people cohabitating or two people who got married and obstinately refuse to get divorced no matter how miserable they become. It is two people who continue to find and make ways to enjoy, cherish and celebrate their marriage year after year. Who grow together and suffer together and face life as partners welded together on ALL levels.

A successful marriage is a special and sacred relationship; . . . → Read More: A Lifetime Marriage: The 7 core elements of a life long HAPPY marriage

Should Christians own guns? What Would Jesus Say?

As I wandered a maze of booths hawking guns and other eclectic items at a gun show recently a thought occurred to me: What would Jesus do? Would Jesus be happy I was there? Would Jesus want me to join an anti-gun crusade? Would Jesus direct me to buy a Glock for self defense, or kick those tables over and preach non-violence? Would he distinguish between hunting rifles and assault rifles? Would he be against a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds?

As Christians try to understand what faith calls them to do to follow Christ, questions on self defense and weapons are unavoidable. Though all Christians know their immortal soul is held safe by grace in the hands of our Lord, whether a Christian should take steps to protect his mortal being and family or trust in God for protection remains a point of debate. And proponents of either view use the same passages from the Bible for support.

For the rest of this article click here!

Off Road

The best book ever written!

By me, anyway.

Set against the background of the American civil war of “progressives” vs. patriotic American traditionalists and a family caught in . . . → Read More: Should Christians own guns? What Would Jesus Say?

Are God and Religion still relative today? Of course … and thank the Lord for that!

God is not only relevant today, but so crucial that if there was no God we’d have to invent one. Not only for our daily lives, but for our posterity and the very future of the human race.

It is civilization that separates us from the animals and a civilization can’t exist without morality. And there is no morality without a moral authority. Non-believers, of course, counter that with the honest and intelligent question, “but why can’t we drop the religious hocus pocus and just be nice to each other, and let our own conscience be our moral authority?”

And the answer is … for the same reason the utopian concept of communism, where every man shares equally in the success of all and there is no God, was corrupted to become just another feudal system with a privileged ruling class living lavishly off the backs of the working class. Communism was supposed to be a step forward for civilization from the competitive dog-eat-dog world of capitalism; instead it was a step backwards. Just as the abolishment of religion would set our culture back.

If several thousand years of recorded history tell us anything it’s that it is human nature . . . → Read More: Are God and Religion still relative today? Of course … and thank the Lord for that!