When guns are banned, only guys with staplers and a Home Depot card will have guns!

Another video of how if you really want a gun, you can make one. This time by someone who has few more tools than I have in my own garage:

And here’s a video on how, with a few thousands dollars worth of tools, you can make fully functional AK47′s:

Gun control affects people like me, and probably you, because we follow the laws and always will. For people who don’t care about the laws … where there is a will (and money) there is a way. Has drug control made it any harder for people who want drugs to get them?

(I believe I found this at the firearm blog, but I lost the exact URL and don’t have time to look for it. Sorry.)

Off Road

The best book ever written!

By me, anyway.

Set against the background of the American civil war of “progressives” vs. patriotic American traditionalists and a family caught in the middle, Off Road is a journey into the uniquely American world of God, guns, big trucks … and family.

More information here. Buy it at amazon.com in paperback or Kindle (only .99 for Kindle, which can also be read on . . . → Read More: When guns are banned, only guys with staplers and a Home Depot card will have guns!

“Sons of Guns” show tonight on Discovery channel

I finally got around to watching Discovery channel’s Sons of Guns, which is on again tonight at 9 p.m. E/P time. I don’t know if they’ll have enough story lines to keep going indefinitely, but the first two shows were excellent. It is a little like American Chopper except with guns … but the people involved are more supportive than combative (which may be good or bad for the longevity of the show — either formula can work).

In the first episode they worked on developing a functional silencer for a shotgun (sweet — love to have one of those to take to the range) and checking out a civil war era cannon to see if it’s safe to fire. The second episode revolved around combining an M16 with a semi-auto 12 gauge for SWAT teams — but a pretty cool gun for anyone, and maybe I’ll be able to pick one up after I purchase my silenced shotgun.

And the best quote from the show, and a phrase/logic all we men can use when we just bought something our significant other finds unnecessary … such as a cool car, a new motorcycle, or a cool gun …

Stephanie: What . . . → Read More: “Sons of Guns” show tonight on Discovery channel

The recent Baby 9 generation — the family is growing fast!

The LC9 (top) vs. the .380 LCP (bottom). I love the size of the LCP but not the lack of a thumb safety. The size difference of the LC9 feels like it is more than is apparent in the picture, but it's still dang small.

One thing I looked forward to at Shot Show was getting in some fondle time with the fine crop of small 9mm CCW guns out there — and by 9mm I mean both 9x19mm (9mm luger, parabellum) and 9x17mm (9mm Kurz, .380). I realize that the .380 is in a lower class than 9x19mm, but it’s still a round I find acceptable for concealed carry and civilian self defense. And there were certainly some fine weapons to fondle: The (new) Ruger LC9, S&W Bodyguard .380, Kimber Solo Carry, and Springfield EMP 9 all caught my eye.

And with any luck … one of these will be mentioned on my credit card bill in the next 6 months.

I’ve talked about my concealed carry preferences before, but #1 on my list is size; I don’t want to change my mode of dress for CCW as it’s not something that I, as a middle class white guy from the Suburbs, dwell on a lot (but when I do carry I want to make sure I’ve got something that will do the job it’s intended for). #2 on my list is safety, as I’m usually around my kids, and I have a personal . . . → Read More: The recent Baby 9 generation — the family is growing fast!

The Smith and Wesson Governor — overruling “The Judge?”

Note the comparative size of the quarter. This is NOT a gun I'd try to pack in a "Smart Carry" for sure.

So the Smith and Wesson .410/.45 Colt/.45 ACP Governor is out to compete with the Taurus Judge, but with a 6 chambered cylinder instead of the Judge’s 5 and the ability to shoot .45 ACP as well as .45 Colt (aka Long Colt) … it’s a nice option. Personally I find it much too large and heavy for normal CCW, but for those who hike a lot in snake country I could see it as an all-in-one gun.

With 6 chambers you could have different types of rounds for every eventuality. Put in one less-lethal .410 round as a warning shot (or to discipline an errant teenager), a couple of .410 rounds of your favorite snake shot, and finish it off with some .45 ACP or LC for human predators. Then mark the cylinder with colored tape so you can dial up the right kind of round quickly (alright, maybe you don’t want to mark it with colored tape, but it would be cool to have a gun you could quickly flip to different types of projectile depending upon the situation).

Admittedly this gun, or The Judge, is well down on the list of “want-to-haves” and isn’t even close to . . . → Read More: The Smith and Wesson Governor — overruling “The Judge?”

Shot Show … something to be proud of, or ashamed of?


Amazing. It’s pretty clear that a full day at the Shot Show will not be enough to really take in a tenth of it. The three pics below are from the Sportsman Channel booth raised meeting area, and as you look at these shots, which just show one area of one floor, think on the scale of it. And almost all of it is stuff that you, as an American, can buy and own, as we live in the one country where we believe the citizens must be as powerful as the government (American firearms freedom not valid in California, Massachusetts, or many other Eastern states).

That’s a freedom I take pride in, and those on the other side shake their head in shame at. I just wish they could be here for a day, talking to the people, feeling the energy, picking up a few very cool guns … but alas, they neither revel in this freedom nor care about anything but shutting it down.

Here are a few pics from the Shot Show. Go ahead an drool, all you gun guys who would love to be here. And for the anti-gun out there … tighten up the belt . . . → Read More: Shot Show … something to be proud of, or ashamed of?

Conservatism 101: Gun rights and new conservatism/old conservatism

This whole post is going to be a flight of conjecture based on personal observation, because I don’t think this is really something you can do a study on. But as I posted earlier … being a modern conservative and comparing my beliefs with those of my WWII generation conservative father, I noticed a very basic difference: Dad and his generation trusted the government, whereas I believe governmental limits are more important than governmental power — in other words, I’m more afraid of what the government can do to me than interested in what it can do for me. And we also subtly, but significantly, differ on gun rights: while my Dad always believed in a right to gun ownership, he had no problem with government limitations on that right. And though my Dad absolutely did believe in a generic, undefined right to carry a non-concealed gun on his person, or to apply for a CCW if he felt a justifiable “need”, he never did either one (well, rarely — more on that). I believe that these differences are due to a combination of our differing views on government and our life experiences, which are closely tied together. And I . . . → Read More: Conservatism 101: Gun rights and new conservatism/old conservatism

The Sig Sauer P238: My new favorite CCW gun I don’t own? A second look.

Working the gun show today for the NRA/CSSA one particular gun really caught my attention: the Sig Sauer P238 with 6+1 rounds of .380 shooting goodness. It’s actually a gun that caught my attention before, at the NRA convention in 2009, but I’m giving my rejection of it a rethink.  My only problem with this gun … it’s a single action (SA) pistol, which means to have it ready to shoot you have to carry it cocked and locked (hammer back/thumb safety on) but there is no grip safety, like you’d find on a 1911.

Sweet little .380, but single action with no grip safety. So do you carry it cocked and locked or have to thumb back the hammer?

I guess I’m kind of an old-timer by today’s standards, because even though I’ve VERY aware (please don’t email me or bother with comments questioning my gunnie cred) that no gun goes off unless the trigger is pulled I prefer another level of safety between me and the *bang*. Blame it on my own clumsiness if you want, I’m not asking everyone to take my position, but when I’m handling a gun almost every day I want a little . . . → Read More: The Sig Sauer P238: My new favorite CCW gun I don’t own? A second look.

.50 Caliber “Sniper” rifles – a fear looking for a rationalization

Anti-gun groups routinely blame mass murders on the availability of firearms, especially any particularly-evil-gun-du-jour (most recently the .50 BMG) they are trying to ban, and use mass murders to raise money and lobby for laws that would have been completely irrelevant to the event. And they are not above using a non-event to promote their cause, not even trying to find a causal relationship but simply feeding off of the fear and ignorance of a misinformed public.

Take, for instance, the terrorist plot that was nipped in the bud in NJ back in 2007, when a handful of wannabe Jihadists were arrested trying to buy fully automatic AK47’s and M16’s to murder soldiers at Fort Dix. They already had semi-automatic rifles (so called “Assault Weapons”) that the anti-gun groups continually try to ban (even though the 1994 – 2004 ban had no measurable effect on violence), but the terrorists knew the difference between a fully automatic assault weapon and a semi-automatic civilian variant and intelligently decided only fully automatic weapons would do the job (apparently they didn’t buy the anti-gun group hyperbole that puts civilian and military rifles in the same category).

This time current gun laws actually worked. The . . . → Read More: .50 Caliber “Sniper” rifles – a fear looking for a rationalization

Declining an award because a constitutional right is not sufficiently infringed does not a heroic martyr make

I’m certain that Mr. Arne Duncan, Chicago Schools CEO, had his heart in the right place when he refused to accept this anti-gun group award . I’m certain that he considers himself a champion of children’s safety. I’m also certain that the laws he fights for will endanger our children and their future rather than make them safer.

That last statement is one that people of intelligence may debate. But in any case I wonder how Mr. Duncan finds it morally acceptable to position the 3 – 4 million NRA members in the same category as “gang bangers and everyone else” who dare to disagree with him on the subject of the 2nd amendment and firearms. And I wonder if he remembers the adage that “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

Perhaps, Mr. Duncan, you would take a moment to read the below. And just perhaps you might realize there are intelligent people who also love children but disagree with you, and in fact think your goals will do more harm than good:

I am an NRA member, Sir. I’m a father of two beautiful children who mean more to me than my guns or . . . → Read More: Declining an award because a constitutional right is not sufficiently infringed does not a heroic martyr make

The AHSA: The Brady Campaign in a Flannel Shirt

The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) has been labeled a sham pro-gun group by the NRA and about every other group that supports gun rights. But are they really? Or do they speak for the average hunter? How do their positions compare to the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun groups:

All are in favor of banning .50 caliber rifles (which they call “sniper” rifles or an “armor piercing” weapon depending upon mood and context):AHSA anti .50 caliber rifle page.Brady Campaign anti 50 caliber rifle pageFSA’s anti .50 caliber rifle pageBut what are the facts about this weapon? It is NOT realistically capable of taking down an aircraft, even on landing or takeoff. Imagine, if you will, launching a robin egg sized bullet moving at about 2,000 MPH from 500 yards away at a target moving at 150+ MPH. If you’re a terrorist group that has to spend time and resources getting your assailants into the US, you don’t waste them on a 1 in a million shot against an aircraft; there are many more effective ways to expend your jihadists.

All believe that all firearms transactions should be documented, and that non-dealer coordinated sales should be ended (the so . . . → Read More: The AHSA: The Brady Campaign in a Flannel Shirt