Conservatism 101: Gun rights and new conservatism/old conservatism

This whole post is going to be a flight of conjecture based on personal observation, because I don’t think this is really something you can do a study on. But as I posted earlier … being a modern conservative and comparing my beliefs with those of my WWII generation conservative father, I noticed a very basic difference: Dad and his generation trusted the government, whereas I believe governmental limits are more important than governmental power — in other words, I’m more afraid of what the government can do to me than interested in what it can do for me. And we also subtly, but significantly, differ on gun rights: while my Dad always believed in a right to gun ownership, he had no problem with government limitations on that right. And though my Dad absolutely did believe in a generic, undefined right to carry a non-concealed gun on his person, or to apply for a CCW if he felt a justifiable “need”, he never did either one (well, rarely — more on that). I believe that these differences are due to a combination of our differing views on government and our life experiences, which are closely tied together. And I . . . → Read More: Conservatism 101: Gun rights and new conservatism/old conservatism

Conservatism 101: Abortion

Abortion isn’t actually a conservative issue per se, but most people consider it to be, even though there are a number of notable anti-abortion Democrats. So since Abortion is a plank of the Democrat party platform and considered by most “Progressives” to be a cornerstone of Women’s rights and the progressive movement, we’ll assume it is a conservative issue for purposes of this series. But I’ll post this on a Sunday when hopefully a few less people will read it and a few less people will “defriend” me on FB (seems like whenever I take on a social issue I lose about 200 “friends”). Whatever you think of my opinion, I just hope you at least read through to the end. Then defriend me if you want. And leave a comment so I understand why.

My own position on Abortion is one I’ve detailed before. I think it’s an issue America needs to find a permanent compromise on and move beyond. I stand by my reasoning:

As a Christian father, I would do everything I could to talk my daughters out of an abortion REGARDLESS of the circumstances. A life is a life, and I think few women have given . . . → Read More: Conservatism 101: Abortion